NMCEWL fellows discussing soil health in New Mexico

Who We Are

New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (NMCEWL) is a statewide network working to enhance ongoing efforts to improve the health and productivity of New Mexico working lands that support agriculture and the environment. We work within the coalition to engage in collaborative projects.


How We Work Together

Facilitate connections for improved outcomes

As a collaborative network, we are here to support and facilitate connections. We understand that deeper community relationships built on trust help facilitate better working outcomes for conversation and collaboration. We want to increase access to knowledge and resources for New Mexico communities. 

Bring attention to working lands

We bring more awareness to ways agricultural producers and land managers can be supported in improving land health, and help bring awareness to the value of working lands.

Expand collective knowledge

We build resilience of New Mexico working lands through peer-to-peer knowledge transfer. We want to create and offer accessible resources for landowners. 

Share stories for deeper engagement

We highlight the diverse efforts of agricultural producers, land and natural resource managers, organizations, and agencies currently engaged in efforts to improve working lands in New Mexico.

Creating spaces for New Mexicans to gather around land stewardship

NMCEWL acknowledges and supports the good work being done on working lands by landowners, stewards, and the organizations supporting them. We help landowners share their stories and connect people to invaluable resources and tool kits throughout New Mexico.

In every aspect of our work, we create spaces for landowners and network participants to gather and share lessons learned around conservation opportunities  and stewardship with the land. We also provide professional development and fellowship opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about our work, we’d love to hear from you! We welcome anyone to join our monthly virtual calls and always enjoy seeing new landowners accessing and participating in NMCEWL events and network opportunities.

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Visit our Colorado CEWL chapter

Like NMCEWL, Colorado Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (COCEWL) is a coalition of dynamic organizations working together to address the challenges facing those working to enhance the health and productivity of Colorado’s working lands. Come check out our work!