Pathways to Resilience: Connecting Land Stewards to USDA Resources

NMCEWL fellows discussing soil health in New Mexico


Are you a current or prospective land steward in New Mexico?

Have you been interested in federal programs to help you get started or to support a project on your farm or ranch?

We want to help!


Quivira is helping land stewards* connect to resources, improve the health of their land, and meet their agricultural goals through community building, support accessing financial programs, and connection to USDA resources. 

We are cultivating partnerships between land stewards and governmental agencies that can provide support for their critical work within our agriculture and food systems. 

We recognize the importance of providing tailored resources to ensure that everyone — especially those who have faced unique challenges and barriers stemming from a legacy of inequality and systemic hurdles — has equal access to opportunities within the agricultural landscape. Therefore, this project is aimed specifically at helping those folks who the USDA has historically underserved. If you’re wondering if this applies to you, please feel free to get in touch, or you can learn more about the USDA Historically Underserved (HU) designation by following this link.

*Many in our community identify as a farmer or rancher. But we know so many others are growing food, raising livestock, or making improvements to their land and might not consider those monikers for themselves. We want to support everyone who is stewarding land with a regenerative approach, and we look forward to connecting with you!

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We will support those land stewards through:

Support accessing USDA programs

This support can include writing grant proposals, developing maps or technical descriptions of projects, navigating USDA language, and other support to facilitate engagement with USDA professionals.

Radio segments

We are producing radio segments that bring the voices of local people who tend the land to communities across New Mexico in order to help us all support connections back to the land.


We are hosting a services fair at the REGENERATE Conference that helps facilitate connections among local people who care for the land and those who can support them. We will also have several workshops to highlight partnerships between a land steward and a USDA agency.



At the annual REGENERATE Conference, we are hosting a services fair to help connect interested land stewards to the USDA agents who can support their work. We are inviting regional offices based on where conference participants are coming from, so please let us know if you plan to attend. There are also scholarships available to support land stewards from New Mexico with registration and travel costs.


Two workshops will be held to highlight partnerships between a land steward and a USDA agency and the projects they are able to accomplish through those partnerships. Now through 2026, we are hosting six workshops like this. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please email us using the button below and mention our Pathways to Resilience project!

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